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Turnkey Fix & Flip and iBuying Solutions for
Real Estate Professionals

By providing data analysis, financing options, and renovation services, our AI-powered products provide real estate professionals with every tool needed to master the fix & flip and iBuying business models.

Web app for real estate
Home Renovation Technology App

homebldr enables real estate professionals, and their clients, to maximize the ROI of Fix & Flip Investments, iBuying Programs, and Home Renovation Projects.


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Approximately 8.5% of single family homes sold in 2022 were fix & flip investments, up from 5.7% of single family homes in 2017.  This significant increase in fix & flip investments can be linked to a growing demand for residential real estate exposure by both institutional investors and small-scale investors (i.e. "mom-and-pop" investors).  Unlike commercial real estate, only 6.7% of single family homes are bought by large institutional investors (10+ acquisitions) each year.  That means 93.3% of single family homes are still being bought by small-scale investors and buyers planning to occupy the property. 

Single family homes acquired by institutional investors are flipped at an estimated 45% rate compared to just 5.9% of homes acquired by small-scale investors and owner-occupants.  Because institutional investors make up such a small percentage of the residential real estate investing population, 65% of fix & flip investments are done by small-scale investors.  This translates to about $219 billion in small-scale fix & flip sales volume and $13 billion in potential commission each year for the agents that facilitate the fix & flip investments of small-scale investors. 

The small-scale fix & flip investor population, and associated sales volume, is growing rapidly.  As more and more new investors have entered the market, the average ROI of fix & flip investments has plummeted from ~45% to ~28%.  These new or unsophisticated investors see the opportunity, but don't have the resources to maximize their potential.

homebldr is on a mission to keep real estate professionals at the center of the transaction process.  We provide brokerages, teams, and agents with a turnkey fix & flip solution that enables agents with every tool needed to maximize the ROI of their clients investments and their own endeavors.



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HOMEBLDR Property Reports

A comprehensive property-level report that contains every tool needed to maximize ROI:

  • Property characteristics for a given property

  • Location quality analytics

  • Property underwriting for a traditional fix & flip strategy

  • Property underwriting for an iBuying strategy

  • The optimal renovation plan for a given property and deal type

  • High quality post-renovation comparable properties used to determine after-repair value (ARV) and necessary renovations

  • A Deal Grade based on pros and cons of the deal

  • Financing options that homebldr can provide for a deal (up to 90% LTC and 100% of renovation costs)

  • Investment pro forma based on deal type, purchase price, and financing options available

  • Renovation cost data, including materials, labor, and markup, in a property's market

  • The best contractors and residential construction companies in a property's market to implement the optimal renovation plan
(Coming Soon)

A technology platform that unlocks a property's investment potential with the click on a button:

  • The listing status and information for a property

  • Current property value

  • Location quality analytics

  • Estimated after-repair value (ARV)

  • Predicted gross profit margin % achievable with a traditional fix & flip strategy

  • High quality post-renovation comparable properties used to determine after-repair value (ARV)

  • Fix & flip investment scores/grades

  • Dive deeper into the analysis of a property by ordering a HOMEBLDR Property Report directly from a property's page

  • Request financing for a property directly from the property's page

  • Order the data populating the platform in bulk to prioritize which properties to analyze at a more detailed level or make decisions about which property characteristics are indicators of a good deal




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