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By providing data analysis, financing options, and renovation services, our AI-powered solutions provide real estate professionals with every tool needed to master residential real estate investing and renovation.

Turnkey Investment and Renovation Solutions for
Real Estate Professionals.

homebldr enables real estate professionals, and their clients, to maximize the ROI of Fix & Flip Investments and Home Renovation Projects.


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Approximately 8.5% of single family homes sold in 2022 were fix & flip investments, up from 5.7% of single family homes in 2017.  This significant increase in fix & flip investments can be linked to a growing demand for residential real estate exposure by both institutional investors and small-scale investors (i.e. "mom-and-pop" investors).  Unlike commercial real estate, only 6.7% of single family homes are bought by large institutional investors (10+ acquisitions) each year.  That means 93.3% of single family homes are still being bought by small-scale investors and buyers planning to occupy the property. 

Single family homes acquired by institutional investors are flipped at an estimated 45% rate compared to just 5.9% of homes acquired by small-scale investors and owner-occupants.  Because institutional investors make up such a small percentage of the residential real estate investing population, 65% of fix & flip investments are done by small-scale investors.  This translates to about $219 billion in small-scale fix & flip sales volume and $13 billion in potential commission each year for the agents that facilitate the fix & flip investments of small-scale investors. 

The small-scale fix & flip investor population, and associated sales volume, is growing rapidly.  As more and more new investors have entered the market, the average ROI of fix & flip investments has plummeted from ~45% to ~28%.  These new or unsophisticated investors see the opportunity, but don't have the resources to maximize their potential.

homebldr is on a mission to keep real estate professionals at the center of the transaction process.  We provide brokerages, teams, and agents with a turnkey fix & flip solution that enables agents with every tool needed to maximize the ROI of their clients investments and their own endeavors.



HOMEBLDR Property Reports

Comprehensive property report that contains every tool needed to maximize ROI for a given property:

  • Property characteristics for a given property

  • Location quality analytics

  • Property underwriting for a traditional fix & flip strategy

  • Property underwriting for an iBuying strategy

  • The optimal renovation plan for a given property and deal type

  • High quality post-renovation comparable properties used to determine after-repair value (ARV) and necessary renovations

  • A Deal Grade based on pros and cons of the deal

  • Financing options that homebldr can provide for a deal (up to 90% LTC and 100% of renovation costs)

  • Investment pro forma based on deal type, purchase price, and financing options available

  • Renovation cost data, including materials, labor, and markup, in a property's market

  • The best contractors and residential construction companies in a property's market to implement the optimal renovation plan

Investment Potential Dataset

Proprietary dataset that quantifies the fix & flip investment potential of many properties at once:

  • Determine after-repair value (ARV) 

  • Estimate Gross Profit Margin %

  • Assign each property a Fix & Flip Potential Score/Grade based on how each property's investment potential compares to other properties in the dataset

  • Categorize each property based on property type (i.e. fix & flip candidate, tear down, new construction, etc.), ARV, Gross Profit Margin %, and Fix & Flip Potential Scores/Grades to provide a brief description of the investment opportunity 

  • This product can be used to source good fix & flip investment opportunities, prioritize certain properties to analyze at a more detailed level, and make initial conclusions about what property characteristics are indicators of a good deal

  • Price is determined based on the number of properties that meet the criteria that you provide (for example, you may only want to see data from properties in a certain zip code with specific characteristics)
(Coming Soon)

Technology platform that unlocks a property's investment potential with the click on a button:

  • The listing status and information for a property

  • Current property value

  • Location quality analytics

  • Estimated after-repair value (ARV)

  • Predicted gross profit margin % achievable with a traditional fix & flip strategy

  • High quality post-renovation comparable properties used to determine after-repair value (ARV)

  • Fix & flip investment scores/grades

  • Dive deeper into the analysis of a property by ordering a HOMEBLDR Property Report directly from a property's page

  • Request financing for a property directly from the property's page

  • Order the data populating the platform in bulk to prioritize which properties to analyze at a more detailed level or make decisions about which property characteristics are indicators of a good deal

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